Pediatric Kidney Stone Center Patient Stories

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Pediatric Kidney Stones: Farrah’s Story

Farrah Kidney Stone Patient

When 10-year-old Farrah’s parents took her to the Emergency Department for stomach pain, high fever and nausea, they didn't expect to learn that she had kidney stones.

Kidney Stones: Alina’s Story


After Alina was diagnosed with kidney stones, her family found answers at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s dedicated Pediatric Kidney Stone Center. 

Kidney Stones: Taylor's Story

Taylor with Dr. Tasian

After suffering through multiple kidney infections and failed treatments, Taylor’s family turned to CHOP’s specialized Pediatric Kidney Stone Center for answers.

UPJ Obstruction and Kidney Stones: Will's Story


Born with a dilated kidney, Will was later diagnosed with ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJ). His parents took him to CHOP for robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery and later treatment for kidney stones.