Transition to Adulthood Services Resources

For Parents and Caregivers

This resource will help to show what your child already knows about their health; and will show areas that you think they (or you) need to know more about as they transition to an adult healthcare provider.

In the not-so-distant future, your child will be an adult. Adults need adult doctors. Your child’s ability to manage his or her care will be very important to staying as healthy as possible. That’s why we have a special Transition Program.

Educational Materials for Practitioners

This document should be completed by pediatric medical providers, in collaboration with patients and their caregivers, then should be shared with the transitioning patient’s new, adult medical providers, as well as the patient and their caregivers, as appropriate.

This is a sample of a letter to be written by the pediatric provider, and sent to the new adult provider of a patient transitioning to adult care.

As part of the transition to adult healthcare, teens will begin speaking to healthcare professionals alone - without their parents. Learn how healthcare professionals can ease this transition and how the one-on-one time will benefit the patient.

This resource for professionals offers tips to help transition teens with chronic conditions to adult healthcare providers, including documenting the teen’s achievement at self-care tasks, and what records to copy for the patient and the adult healthcare provider.

This clinical pathway describes the process of transitioning a pediatric patient to an adult healthcare provider.

For Teens and Young Adults

This is a helpful resource to assess what you already know about your health as you prepare to transition to an adult healthcare provider.

Teenagers: soon you’ll be an adult. Adults need adult doctors. When you reach late teens or early 20s, your ability to manage your healthcare will be important to your health. We want you to be ready.