Your Child's Appointment with the Comprehensive Vascular Anomalies Program

Thank you for choosing the Comprehensive Vascular Anomalies Program (CVAP) at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). We look forward to caring for and collaborating with you.

Understanding Vascular Anomalies

Patients with vascular anomalies have conditions of the veins, arteries, and the lymphatic system that cause overgrowth, malformations, and lesions. These conditions, which can range in severity, can cause visible deformities, block critical body functions such as swallowing or breathing, or cause pain during otherwise normal daily activities.

Getting an Appointment

The fastest way to get an appointment with us is for you to complete the referral form on our website and ask a physician who is familiar with the patient to complete a summary of their condition, including all relevant history for our team’s review.

Telehealth Options / Video Visits

We are actively using telehealth, including video visits, with excellent results and family satisfaction.

If you are interested in a telehealth visit, send a message through your MyCHOP account, or call our office at (267) 426-9188 and our staff will assist you with setting up your visit.

Our staff will review your child's medical history and make recommendations about whether your child can have a telemedicine visit or if your child needs an in-person visit or more urgent care.

Please check with your health plan to confirm that your insurance covers video visits with CHOP providers.

We encourage you to sign in to your MyCHOP account to ensure you can successfully access your account. If you have questions, or need to sign up for MyCHOP, please call us. Prior to your telehealth visit, review these instructions for getting set up for video visits with a CHOP provider.

Prior to Your Appointment

After your appointment has been scheduled, we ask that you please complete our intake packet and review the checklist of requirements. The intake packet will be sent to you via either the MyCHOP patient portal, email or UPS, depending on your preference. While it is lengthy, it provides our team with crucial information and will help us plan so that everyone gets the most out of the appointment.

After your appointment has been scheduled, you will receive communication from us with instructions on where to go once you have arrived at CHOP. General information about visiting our Main Campus, including driving directions and parking information, can be found on this page.

Your Visit

Your visit may include evaluations by providers from several different specialties, including: Dermatology, Genetics, Interventional Radiology, Oncology, Plastic Surgery, and Physical/Occupational Therapy. Other specialists may see patients if our multidisciplinary team feels it is necessary.

Insurance Coverage and Costs

CHOP participates in many insurance plans. In order to determine the level of coverage provided by your insurance plan, we kindly request you contact the member services number on the back of your insurance card and use the information below to determine if CHOP providers are “in-network” for the patient. Your insurance may grant an out-of-network authorization for the patient’s visits.

Our Insurance Specialist will be able to assist in communicating with your insurance company once you have done an initial inquiry.

You will be notified of which physicians the patient will see before the appointment. If your insurance requires a referral from the patient’s pediatrician or primary doctor, please be sure to obtain one for each specialist before the patient’s visit.

Be sure to ask your insurance company about your responsibility for out-of-pocket expenses. You may need to pay a co-pay or deductible for both your physician visits and testing or treatment services. Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

See below for information regarding the physician groups that may be associated with the patient’s visit with our program, as well as procedure codes that may be used for billing:

Department: Dermatology

  • National Provider Identifier (NPI): 1073608006
  • CPT Codes: 99203-99215, 99243-99245

Department: Genetics

  • National Provider Identifier (NPI): 1629163670
  • CPT Codes: 99203-99215, 99243-99245

Department: Interventional Radiology

  • National Provider Identifier (NPI): 1467403261
  • CPT Codes: 99203-99215, 99243-99245

Department: Oncology

  • National Provider Identifier (NPI): 1700971751
  • CPT Codes: 99203-99215

Department: Plastic Surgery

  • National Provider Identifier (NPI): 1326117185
  • CPT Codes: 99203-99215, 99243-99245

Department: Physical Therapy

  • National Provider Identifier (NPI): 1215921457
  • CPT Codes: 97163, 97164, 97167, 97168, 97530


The Comprehensive Vascular Anomalies Program includes state-of-the-art genomics and personalized research strategies to determine the causes of these conditions and identify targeted, potentially curative therapies. Please ask us about opportunities for participation in clinical trials or other research being done to improve care for patients with complex vascular anomalies.

During your visit, you will meet our Clinical Research Coordinator, who can describe the types of research we are currently conducting and answer any questions you may have. The patient and family will be given the opportunity to decide whether or not participating in our research is right for you.

Participation entails providing a blood sample collected at CHOP either on the day of your appointment or on the day of a scheduled procedure. We also study genetic abnormalities in affected vascular tissue using samples taken during surgical procedures, which may enable us to find better ways to treat these conditions in the future.

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to complete a consent form and a questionnaire. Participation in any and all research is completely voluntary and if at any point you would like to discontinue your participation, you will be able to opt-out immediately.

For more information

  • Contact: Marguerite Weisman, RN, BSN
  • Nurse Navigator, Comprehensive Vascular Anomalies Program
  • Phone: 267-426-9188
  • Fax: 267-426-9940