Very Early Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease (VEO-IBD) Program News and Updates

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The Next Frontier of Care for VEO-IBD

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Very early onset inflammatory bowel disease was virtually unheard of just a decade ago. Today, a variety of personalized therapies exist, and potential curative gene therapies are on the horizon.

Walk for Hope 2021 Virtual Event Recap

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Walk for Hope virtual participants playing in the grass

Nearly 400 people joined the 2021 Walk for Hope, a week-long virtual event to raise funds to support inflammatory bowel disease research and care at CHOP.

IBD Education Day 2021 Recap

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IBD patient Lacey and her mom

CHOP’s Center for Pediatric IBD held a day of virtual speakers and discussion groups to better support families dealing with inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.

How Nutrition Can Support Children with IBD

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Dieticians at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia help IBD patients achieve healthy weight, correct nutritional deficits, increase dietary variety and more.

IBD Education Day 2019 Recap

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During the annual IBD Education Day, a panel of health specialists explored the aspects of living with IBD, and patients shared their experience.

Toward Better Care for Very Early Onset IBD

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The new VEO-IBD clinic at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the first of its kind, unites experts from gastroenterology, immunology and genetics.