Very Early Onset IBD (VEO-IBD) Program Patient Stories

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Crohn's Disease: Gabriella's Story

Gabriella holding a soccer ball

Gabriella’s IBD symptoms went from bad to worse, that’s when her family took her to CHOP. Today, she’s an energetic 10-year-old who enjoys sports.

Crohn’s Disease: Matthew’s Story

Matthew crohns disease patient smiling in playroom

Matthew’s problem was a mystery until he came to Children’s Hospital. After a diagnosis of Crohn’s, nutrition treatment has Matthew, 3, eating normally and thriving.

Crohn’s Disease: Meredith’s Story

Meredith Smiling

Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 6, Meredith's symptoms are under control with the help of her medical team at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Garrett

Garrett smiling

After his IBD diagnosis, Garrett couldn’t be far from a bathroom after eating. Now, he eats nonstop — his favorite food is chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream.

Very Early Onset IBD: Jacob's Story

IBD patient Jacob and his father

Jacob's family took him to different doctors, looking for help for their very sick baby. They finally found answers, and life-changing treatment, at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.