Clinical Pathway for the Evaluation/Treatment of Children
with Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Mild Pneumonia
(Outpatient Treatment)
Moderate-Severe Pneumonia
(Inpatient Treatment)
Severe Pneumonia
(ICU Treatment)
Effusion on CXR
Posted: September 2012
Revised: January 2016, November 2016, November 2017, November 2019 (Reviewed), December 2019, July 2020
Authors: J. Gerber, MD, PhD; T. Metjian, Pharm. D; M. Siddharth, MD; D. Davis, MD; MSCE, T. Florin, MD; J. Zorc, MD; T. Kaur, MD; T. Blinman, MD; D. Mong, MD; X. Bateman, CRNP; E. Pete Devon, MD; Ron Keren, MD, MPH; L. Bell, MD; L. Utidjian, MD; E. Moxey, RN, MPH