Outpatient Behavioral Health Care Clinical Pathway for Assessment and
Care Planning for Children and Adolescents at Risk for Suicide

Negative Suicide Screen
  • Screen for Suicide Risk at subsequent patient care encounters.
  • Engage and/or continue treatment plan on primary presenting symptoms and problems.
Positive Suicide Screen/New Patient Evaluation
Use the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale to complete Suicide Risk Assessment
Assess for chronic and current Risk and Protective Factors
Negative Suicide Risk Assessment
Low Acuity
Intermediate Acuity
High Acuity
  • Immediate Intervention
  • Evaluation at an Emergency Department or local psychiatric crisis center to determine appropriateness of psychiatric hospitalization to maintain safety
Initiate Care, Maintain Engagement and Screen for Suicide Risk at Subsequent Patient Care Encounters.
Posted: June 2019
Revised: July 2023
Editors: Clinical Pathways Team