Infant Chronic Lung Disease Patient Stories

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Chronic Lung Disease: Leila’s Story

Leila smiling

Born at 26 weeks, Leila’s lungs failed to develop. Specialty care during her CHOP stay and after helped her breathe on her own and her family cope.

Xiomara’s Story: Long-Term Care for Chronic Lung Disease

Xiomaras on a swing chair

Xiomara was born extremely preterm, with severely underdeveloped lungs. Despite nine months in intensive care, her health did not improve. Then, her care was transferred to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where the Newborn/Infant Chronic Lung Disease Program “saved her life and gave her a chance at a normal childhood,” says her mom.

Yaseen’s Chronic Lung Disease Story

Yaseen on a colorful playmat

Wanting desperately to save their child, Courtney and Khaled made the difficult decision to have their son transferred to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the midst of a global pandemic. It was a lifesaving move.