Brain Tumors Patient Stories

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Surgery for a Brain Tumor: Julia's Story

Julia in a hospital room

While Julia’s diagnosis of a brain tumor was a shock to her family, the location and type of tumor meant surgery at CHOP was the only treatment she needed.

Honoring Kayla’s Legacy

Kayla with two baby dolls

Kayla’s parents founded a nonprofit and have raised more than $1 million for pediatric brain tumor research at CHOP.

Hypothalamic/Optic Pathway Glioma NF1: Abby’s Story


When Abby was a toddler, she was diagnosed with a disorder that causes tumors and has been receiving treatments at CHOP. Abby is a Patient Ambassador for the 2016 Parkway Run & Walk. Read about her amazing efforts to help other kids undergoing chemotherapy.

Intracranial Germinoma: Aaron’s Story


In 2015, 17-year-old Aaron was diagnosed with two brain tumors. Despite a cancer diagnosis, he managed to stay on track at school and receive his diploma in June. 

Brain Tumor: Liam's Story

Liam - Brain Tumor Patient

It all started when he fell off a trampoline at a friend’s birthday party. Concerns about a possible concussion soon gave way to more shocking news: Liam had a brain tumor.

Astrocytoma: Grayson's Story


Grayson has an astrocytoma on his brain stem. It is the type of tumor that can become almost a chronic disease — it may never disappear, but the goal of treatment is to keep it stabilized.

Ewing Sarcoma in the Brain: Jake's Story


When a CT scan showed a tumor in Jake’s brain, he was sent to CHOP immediately for surgery. Doctors diagnosed the mass as Ewing sarcoma, a type of cancerous tumor.