Education and Training

Medical School

DO - New York College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYCOM) of the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Old Westbury, NY


Pediatrics - UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ
Child Neurology - Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA


Clinical Neurophysiology - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Board Certification

Child Neurology – American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Clinical Neurophysiology – American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Neurology – American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Psychiatry – American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Titles and Academic Titles


Departments and Services




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Posters and Presentations

Invited Lectures


Avallone J. 10th International Live Webinar on Clinical Neurophysiology: Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Use of Stereotactic EEG in Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Cases. Moroccan Society of Neurophysiology/Moroccan League Against Epilepsy. 2020.

Avallone J. Epilepsy Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Epilepsy Services Foundation. 2020.

Avallone J. The Florida Society of ElectroNeuroDiagnostic Technologists Annual Meeting, Epilepsy Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic. 2020.


Avallone J. Johns Hopkins All Children’s Brain Health Awareness Month Lunch and Learn Series, Seizures 101. 2019.

Awards and Honors

2011-2012, Boston Children’s Hospital Neurology Residency and Neurophysiology Fellowship
2011-2012, Travel scholarship to attend the VCU Medical Center Child Neurology Residents’ Seminar, “Pediatric Epilepsy and Neurodevelopmental/Neurobehavioral Disorders”
2011-2012, Von L. Meyer Award during second and third year of residency
2011-2012, American Epilepsy Society Fellows Program
2009, Continuity Practice Award, UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School Pediatrics Residency
2002-2007, Student Osteopathic Medical Association OMT Research Fellowship Grant
2002-2007, American Neurological Association (ANA) Medical Student Neurology Project Travel Award
2002-2007, Travel Bursary to attend the 1st East Mediterranean Epilepsy Congress in Sharm El Sheikh
2001, cum laude, University of Scranton
1998-2001, Dean’s List, University of Scranton
1998-2001, Loyola Scholar, University of Scranton
1998-2001, Honors Program, University of Scranton

Leadership and Memberships

Memberships in Professional Organizations

2017-present, Institute for Brain Protection Sciences
 - 2018-present, Advocacy & Culture/Engagement Council
2009-present, Child Neurology Society
2009-present, American Academy of Neurology
2009-present, American Epilepsy Society