Christopher P. Bonafide, MD, MSCE

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Christopher P. Bonafide, MD, MSCE, is an Attending Physician at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, caring for patients on the inpatient service.

Areas of Expertise: Optimizing clinical workflows, Patient safety
Locations: Main Hospital
Appointments and Referrals: 1-800-TRY-CHOP (1-800-879-2467)


Dr. Bonafide is an academic hospitalist in the Division of General Pediatrics, a core faculty member of the Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness at CHOP, and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on discovering the best methods to identify deteriorating patients in the hospital, and the best mechanisms for responding to those patients. Numerous barriers exist in the ability for physicians and  nurses to identify deteriorating patients, and one of these barriers is alarm fatigue from physiologic monitors.

Dr. Bonafide is focused on finding the best tools available for identifying deteriorating children in the hospital and establishing effective solutions to the problem of alarm fatigue in hospital units. Current projects include using video to gain insights into alarm fatigue from patient monitors, and using safety huddles to identify alarm “hot spots” and take immediate steps to reduce unnecessary alarms. Dr. Bonafide has made important contributions in the area of rapid response systems and physiologic monitor alarm fatigue, and has developed an international reputation as an expert in hospital patient safety research.

Education and Training

Medical School

MD - Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, Hershey, PA


Pediatrics - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA (Chief Resident, 2007-2008)


Academic General Pediatrics - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Board Certification

Clinical Informatics – American Board of Pathology
Pediatrics – American Board of Pediatrics

Graduate Degree

MSCE in Clinical Epidemiology - University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Titles and Academic Titles

Attending Physician, General Pediatric Inpatient Service

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Departments and Services




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Editorial and Academic Positions

Editorial Positions

2015, Section Editor of Hospital Medicine for "Current Treatment Options in Pediatrics" Inaugural Issue, Jan. 2015

2014-present, Reviewer, Annals of the American Thoracic Society

2013-present, Reviewer, BMJ Quality and Safety

2013-present, Reviewer, Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

2012-present, Reviewer, JAMA Pediatrics

2012-present, Reviewer, Hospital Pediatrics

2012-present, Reviewer, Paediatrics and Child Health

2011-present, Reviewer, Pediatrics

2011-present, Reviewer, Journal of Hospital Medicine

2010-present, Reviewer, Applied Clinical Informatics

2008-present, Reviewer, Pediatric Emergency Care

Academic and Institutional Committees

2015-present, Member, Scholarship Oversight Committee, Division of Cardiology, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Fellow: S. Mohan)

2014-2015, Team Lead, Primary Care Provider Communication Quality Improvement Project, Division of General Pediatrics, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

2014-present, Member, Hospital Alarm Management Quality Improvement Program Committee

2014-present, Team Lead, Inpatient Maintenance IV Fluid Pathway Development Quality Improvement Team

2014-present, Member, Inpatient Sepsis Quality Improvement Committee

2013-present, Member, CHOP Pediatrics Residency Program Clinical Competency Committee

2010-present, Member, Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness Scientific Review Committee

2007-present, Member, Resuscitation Committee

2007-present, Member, Clinical Decision Support Committee

2007-present, Member, Preventing Codes Outside the ICU Quality Improvement Committee