Nancy B. Spinner, PhD, FACMG

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Nancy B. Spinner, PhD, FACMG is the Chief of the Division of Genomic Diagnostics at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Areas of Expertise: Alagille syndrome and other chromosome 20 abnormalities, Cytogenetic studies of patients with developmental and syndromic disorders permitting identification of genomic rearrangements associated with genetic disease, Molecular cytogenetics
Locations: Main Hospital
Appointments and Referrals: 1-800-TRY-CHOP (1-800-879-2467)


The Spinner Laboratory studies the genetics of several pediatric disorders focusing on both identifying the specific genes that cause disease, and understanding how mutations in these genes can cause related clinical phenotypes. 

Current projects focus on utilization of exome and whole genome sequencing for pediatric diagnosis, understanding the genetics of two pediatric liver disorders, Alagille syndrome and biliary atresia, and molecular analysis of ring chromosome 14 and 20, both of which are associated with seizures. 

Their clinical sequencing project is carried out in collaboration with Dr. Ian Krantz’s laboratory and is part of the Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research (CSER) project, funded by the NHGRI. The goals of this network are to identify best practices for pediatric exome sequencing.

Our work on Alagille syndrome and Biliary Atresia is carried out in collaboration with Drs. Marcella Devoto, Kathy Loomes, Ian Krantz and David Piccoli at CHOP, and as part of the NIDDK funded Childhood Liver Disease Research Network (ChiLDReN). Our work on biliary atresia is aimed at identifying genetic susceptibility factors and we are using GWAS, exome sequencing and analysis of copy number variation to look for genetic underpinnings for this clearly complex and likely heterogeneous disorder. 

A more recent project is to understand the mechanism by which ring chromosomes cause human disease and in particular we are focusing on two ring chromosomes that are associated with seizures.  Even in cases where the ring chromosomes are molecularly intact, with no deletions or duplications, affected individuals have a clinical phenotype, and we are working with Drs. Stewart Anderson, Jay Mills and Laura Conlin, to develop a neuronal cell model for these ring chromosomes.  Since the seizure phenotype emerges with age of the patients, we believe that understanding the cause of the seizures may lead us to better treatments.

Education and Training


Genetics - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Graduate Degree

PhD in Genetics - University of California, Berkeley/San Diego State, La Jolla, CA

Additional Training

Postdoctoral training in cytogenetics - The Children' Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Titles and Academic Titles

Chief, Division of Genomic Diagnostics

Evelyn Willing Bromley Endowed Chair in Pathology and Clinical Laboratories

Professor of Pathology and Genetics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Departments and Services

Research Interests

Identification and analysis of genes involved in pediatric disease, with focus on Ring Chromosome 20 syndrome
Alagille syndrome and biliary atresia




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Posters and Presentations

Lectures by Invitation


Spinner NB. "Genomic Technologies for Gene Discovery:  An Overview", American Association for the Study of Liver Disease (AASLD) Annual Meeting, Virtual. Nov 2021

Spinner NB. "Personalized IBD and VEO-IBD: Genomics Microbiome, Biologics and Beyond Symposium: The Power and Limitations of Genetic Testing in Children with VEO-IBD", The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. Oct 2021.


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"Introduction to Genomics: Why it Matters for Diagnosis, Understanding and Treatment Development", RARE Drug Development Symposium, Global Genes and Penn Medicine Orphan Center, Philadelphia, PA. June 2019.

Awards and Honors

2015, Board of Scientific Counselors, National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)
2011, Evelyn Willing Bromley Endowed Chair in Pediatric Pathology
2009, Faculty Mentor Award, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
2004, John Morgan Society, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
2002, Ethel Brown Foerderer Fund Fellow
1999, Klaus and Mary Hummeler Endowed Research Prize
1997, Dean's Award for Excellence in Basic Science Teaching, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
1997, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2000, Excellence in Teaching Award
1996, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Class of 1999, Excellence in Teaching Award
1995-1997, Ethel Brown Foerderer Fund Fellow, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Class of 1999 Excellence in Teaching Award
1992-1993, Recipient Florence R.C. Murray Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
1984-1985, Mary Elizabeth Rennie intramural award for research on epilepsy, University of California, Berkley
1972-1975, Dean's List, Brandeis University

Editorial and Academic Positions

Editorial Positions

2019-present, Deputy Managing Editor, Human Mutation
2007-present, Circulation Research
2002-present, European Journal of Human Genetics
2002-present, Genetics in Medicine
1997-present, Nature Genetics
1997-present, Human Molecular Genetics
1997-present, Molecular Diagnosis
Journal of Clinical Investigation
New England Journal of Medicine
1994-present, Human Genetics
American Journal of Medical Genetics
American Journal of Human Genetics

Academic and Institutional Committees

2019-present, Scientific Advisory Board, University of Pennsylvania Program in Genetic Counseling

Leadership and Memberships

Memberships in Professional Organizations

2006-present, Alagille Syndrome Alliance, Scientific Advisory Board
1993-present, American College of Medical Genetics, Founding Fellow
1980-present, American Society of Human Genetics
 - 2020-2023, Industry Engagement Talk Force (IETF)
 - 2019-2022, Chair, Membership Engagement Committee