Recharge Your Brain after Concussion

Once concussion symptoms begin to improve, usually after a few days, it's time to recharge your brain with some activity!

Running icon Physical

Start with light, low-risk aerobic activity - walking, working up to brisk walking and running

Thought icon Thinking

Start with some thinking and academic work, then eventually testing and assessments

Open book icon Visio-vestibular

Start with some reading and some visual work online, then increase to full visual workload

As your brain recharges, match your workload and activity to your increasing energy level.

Here are a few tips:

  • Take pacing breaks to recharge if concussion symptoms develop
  • Avoid overdoing it and triggering severe symptoms
  • Your brain is fully recharged when your physical, thinking and visio-vestibular workload is back to normal.

Download this information as an easy-to-read flyer that can be printed, shared, or hung up in homes, schools, offices, classrooms, etc. (Formatted to print at 11”x17” or 8.5”x11”)