Summer Safety: Poisoning Prevention Tips

Many people consider Memorial Day Weekend to be the unofficial start to summer. Here are some “Summer Safety” Poisoning Prevention tips from The Poison Control Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia:

  • Lamp oils for patio torches and candles can make for a beautiful picnic, but they can also be very dangerous to children or if mistaken for drink. Never place lamp oils near where food is served, and always keep it out of reach of curious children.
  • Pool chemicals, especially those containing chlorine or bromine, can be dangerous if eaten or inhaled. Homeowners with swimming pools should store pool chemicals in a safe and secure place.
  • Summer can be a season for lawn care: Keep fuels and fertilizers off the garage floor in a safe and secure place. Best not to use chemical weed killers and pesticides; but, if you do, take great caution with these products.
  • Leaves of three — let it be! Poison ivy is already popping up all over eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware: Learn to recognize this toxic weed.
  • Mushrooms are delicious, but some can be deadly: Don’t eat a wild mushroom unless it has been identified by an expert.
  • Nature’s critters come out to play during the summer too. Know your environment and take care to respond to bites and stings from mosquitos, bees, snakes and jellyfish.
  • Don’t fall victim to food poisoning. Carefully prepare and store all food during those summer picnics and barbecues.
  • Many families make sure that their homes are safe from poisons. Please be sure to inspect any vacation rental properties upon move-in to be sure that children will be protected during summer fun!