Top 10 Reasons Older Adults Should Call The Poison Center

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Poison Centers are NOT just for parents and children!

Poisonings and medicine mishaps can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. Here are some reasons older adults should call their local poison center:

  1. Your memory isn't what is used, and you can’t recall if you took your medicine.
  2. You find yourself brushing your teeth with arthritis rub because you didn't put on your glasses or turn on the light!
  3. You take your spouse's medicine by mistake.
  4. You're taking care of your grandchildren who seem to get into everything!
  5. You can save time and money by managing poisonings and medicine mishaps at home rather than the hospital.
  6. Your call is confidential and at NO cost to you!
  7. Poison centers are open when your doctor and pharmacy aren't. You can call 24/7 every day of the year!
  8. You will speak with a healthcare professional right away instead of having to wait for a callback.
  9. Poison center staff are experts, who are specially trained in managing poisonings and overdoses. Even doctors call poison centers when they have questions!
  10. Poison centers won't judge you. Don't be afraid to call. Poisonings and medicine mishaps can happen to anyone!

Top 5 calls from older adults

  1. Heart medicines — medicines for blood pressure, cholesterol and other heart conditions
  2. Analgesics — prescription and over-the-counter pain medicines
  3. Sedatives —  medicines for sleep, anxiety and other mood disorders
  4. Hormones — insulin, medicines to treat diabetes, and thyroid medicines
  5. Cosmetics/personal care products — peroxide, denture products, mouthwash, soap, creams, etc.

The best way to be prepared for poison emergencies is by programming the Poison Help number into your phone, 1-800-222-1222, and posting it somewhere visible in your home.

This information is also available in a downloadable format.