MyDerm E-Visit FAQs

Is MyDerm E-Visit right for my child?

MyDerm E-Visit is a service provided through Pediatric Dermatology at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for:

  • Non-urgent skin, hair or nail conditions
  • Children ages 4 weeks to 17 years
  • Children currently located in Pennsylvania

MyDerm E-Visit should NOT be used for children who have had the following symptoms in the past 24 hours:

  • Fever/chills
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Blisters in or around the eyes
  • Swelling of the lips, tongue or mouth
  • Severe blistering or peeling of the skin

Are You Looking for Information about Video Visits?

If you are trying to upload images in preparation for a video visit with CHOP Dermatology, please do NOT use MyDerm E-Visit, and instead use the "messages" icon in MyCHOP. If you're looking to schedule a video visit with one of our pediatric dermatologists, call 215-590-2169 and we will assist you.

How much does a consultation through MyDerm E-Visit cost?

This service costs $50 per consult payable by credit card within the MyDerm E-Visit app. In many cases you will be able to use a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA) credit card. Receipts for your E-Visit will be available in your MyCHOP account.

In some cases, the doctor may ask you to provide more photographs or information about your child's skin condition. You will not be charged for your E-Visit until the final recommendations are provided.

In some cases, a paid consultation may result in a list of possible diagnoses and treatments and the doctor may recommend an in-person visit to best evaluate your child.

If an E-Visit consultation is not able to be completed (for any reason, e.g. lack of sufficient photos), it will be canceled by the doctor. At time of cancellation, you will be informed through MyCHOP and you will not be charged.

Will insurance cover a MyDerm E-Visit?

No. Care delivered through MyDerm E-Visit will not be covered by most insurance plans. You will pay $50 for the E-Visit. Contact your plan for more information. 

Why should I use MyDerm E-Visit?

Getting an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist can involve long wait times. We want to be able to help you and your child sooner and in a way that it is both safe and convenient. MyDerm E-Visit will allow you to send photographs and information about your child's skin condition directly to a board-certified pediatric dermatologist. The doctor will carefully review the information and provide a response including the most likely diagnosis, advice and, if needed, a prescription sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

NOTE: Do not use MyDerm E-Visit for any medical emergencies including swelling of the lips, tongue or throat; blistering in or around the eyes; severe rash with fever; difficulty breathing or anything causing severe pain. Please seek immediate medical care for these conditions. This service should also NOT be used to replace the full skin exam that is needed to screen for abnormal moles or skin cancers.

How fast will I get a response from the doctor?

In many cases, you may receive a response within only a few hours. All cases will be answered within two business days. If you allow push notifications in MyCHOP, you will be notified when the case is answered. You will also always be notified by email. You may be notified if the doctor or nurse needs to ask you for more information or photographs. The response will be found under "Appointments" in MyCHOP.

Where do I find the response from the dermatologist?

In the MyCHOP app: select Appointments, look under Past Visits, and select your E-Visit to review the dermatologist's response.

On the desktop version of MyCHOP: select Visit, then Appointments and Visits, look under Past Visits and select your E-Visit to review the dermatologist's response.

Find your responses in the Appointments area


Who can use MyDerm E-Visit?

Right now this service is available only in Pennsylvania. Children must be 4 weeks to 17 years old to receive care through MyDerm E-Visit. MyDerm E-Visit is not available to non-CHOP patients. For now, you can only use this if your child has a primary care provider who works at a CHOP Primary Care location.

How do I use MyDerm E-Visit?

This service is easy to use. Sign in to MyCHOP and click the MyDerm E-Visit icon, you will then answer questions and upload photographs of the skin condition. It is important to take photographs that are not blurry and include images of the entire skin condition. You can also include any relevant photographs that you have already taken with your phone. Go ahead and collect any medications, lotions, soaps or over-the-counter products that you have been using for the skin condition because you will asked about these treatments.

What conditions can I submit through MyDerm E-Visit?

Common reasons to get help from a pediatric dermatologist include itchy or dry skin, rash, acne, birthmarks, hair loss, nail changes, excessive sweating and many other skin, hair or nail problems.

What if the doctor thinks the skin condition is serious?

After reviewing your case information and photographs, the doctor may decide that the skin condition is serious and needs immediate attention. If this is the case, they will call the phone number(s) you provided. In some cases, they may recommend that you see your pediatrician or go to the emergency room. Or if needed, they may offer an urgent appointment to see them in their office for an in-person evaluation.

Who is the doctor reviewing my case?

The doctor reviewing the images and information that you provide will be one of the board-certified pediatric dermatologists at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. These dermatologists are experts in skin conditions for children and adolescents. They have found that using photographs to give initial advice and safe treatment options can be an effective way to help you in a faster, more convenient way.

Is sending medical information and images through MyDerm E-Visit secure?

MyDerm E-Visit is HIPAA-compliant and all of your information will be encrypted. The information will be stored in your child's medical record at CHOP and will only be accessible to the doctors using MyDerm E-Visit or other medical providers at CHOP including your primary care provider. Your privacy is our priority.

Can a skin condition be diagnosed using a photograph taken on a smartphone?

The quality of the photographs taken by smartphones has dramatically improved over the past several years. Medical studies have shown that using photographs to diagnose and skin conditions is reliable. It is important, however, to try to take the best possible photograph of the skin condition and to include several images.

Will I be able to ask the doctor questions after I get my initial response?

Yes. Sometimes you may need to ask a question so that you fully understand the information provided or how best to use a medication. You will be able to ask the doctor a question by calling CHOP Dermatology at 215-590-2169.

Will I get an appointment to see the doctor in their office after using MyDerm E-Visit?

If a follow-up appointment is needed, the doctor will recommend a follow-up time frame with either your child's primary care provider or CHOP Dermatology contact you by phone or email to make an appointment. If the doctor does not recommend a dermatology appointment initially and you would still like to make an appointment, you can do so by calling CHOP Dermatology at 215-590-2169. The wait time for a follow-up visit is typically shorter than the wait time for a new patient appointment.

Will my child's primary care provider have access to this consultation?

Yes. Your CHOP primary care provider will be alerted to the information immediately through your child's electronic medical record at CHOP. 

What devices can I use to access MyDerm E-Visit?

MyDerm E-Visit can be used on your mobile device (Apple or Android devices) or your tablet or desktop. For the best experience, submit your MyDerm E-Visit request through the MyCHOP app on your mobile device.

What if I have a problem when trying to use MyDerm E-Visit?

For any issues with MyDerm E-Visit please call 267-426-8342 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or submit a question online.

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