Acute vs. Chronic Pancreatitis: A Webinar

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The Pancreatic Disorders Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) held an online webinar for professionals on “Acute vs. Chronic Pancreatitis: Diagnosis, Dilemmas and Management.” The event was held Oct. 28.

The field of pediatric pancreatectomy has evolved significantly during the past decade – growing from a diagnosis with no clear criteria, prognosis, or therapy to a subspecialty with evidence-based, multidisciplinary treatment programs. Children with acute and chronic pancreatitis are vastly different than adults with the condition, and require focused pediatric care to improve diagnostic efficiency and therapeutic outcomes. The foundation for an evidence-based, standardized approach is collaboration among multiple specialties, including the general pediatrician, gastroenterology, nutrition, radiology, surgery, endocrinology, and genetics.

The session included quick bites of information and cases from experts from CHOP. CHOP’s Pancreatic Disorders Program is one of the largest pediatric pancreas programs in the county and has treated hundreds of patients with this rare pediatric disease. The program provided general pediatricians and pediatric gastroenterologists with the most up-to-date, evidence-based approaches to diagnosis and management of pediatric pancreatitis.

Speakers included:

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