Philly Play was started by Philadelphia City Councilman Bobby Henon (D-6th) in 2013. It was a way to get kids engaged in active play, and continues to help “promote healthy play and active behaviors to hundreds of families in Northeast Philadelphia,” Henon says.

This year, a few team members from Government Affairs, Community Relations & Advocacy at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, joined hundreds of children in the fun. Dubbed the "agile advocates," the CHOP staffers volunteered at the end-of-summer sports and music celebration at Abraham Lincoln Hospital in Northeast Philadelphia.

Philly Agile AdvocatesPictured from left: Elizabeth Robinson, manager of Health Policy and Programs; Peter Golboro, Community Relations intern; Sarah Gibbons, Community Relations manager; Jonathan Hood, State and Local Government Affairs manager; Leah Quinn, Community Relations intern; and Amanda Evans, Community Relations coordinator.