Cancer Center Receives LIVESTRONG Award

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December 10, 2010 — The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has been chosen as a LIVESTRONG® Community Impact Project award recipient, funding two unique programs called Artists-in-Residence and SuperSibs! within the Cancer Center’s Psychosocial Services Program to enhance emotional support for cancer patients treated at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The project, created by LIVESTRONG, the organization founded by cancer survivor and champion cyclist Lance Armstrong to serve people affected by cancer and empower them to take action, will bring proven cancer support programs to 55 communities across the United States.

“We are thrilled and honored to be named a LIVESTRONG Community Impact Project award recipient,” said Lamia Barakat, director of the Cancer Center’s Psychosocial Services Program for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “Incorporating Artists-in-Residence and SuperSibs! within the Cancer Center’s comprehensive psychosocial programming will strengthen our ability to support the emotional needs of our patients with cancer as well as their siblings, parents and extended families.”

Artists-in-Residence program

The Creative Center’s Artists-in-Residence program offers patients the opportunity to learn about and become absorbed in their own creative resources as they meet the challenges of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. The program will work with our patients with cancer at bedside during inpatient admissions and in small groups in our outpatient clinic to provide a mechanism of self-expression and coping throughout the treatment process.


SuperSibs! provides ongoing, targeted support to an underserved and often unrecognized cancer survivor population: siblings of children with cancer. SuperSibs! ensures that these children, the “shadow survivors,” do not feel alone, insignificant or forgotten, and can face the future with strength, courage and hope. The needs of siblings are recognized through clinical programs and research within the Cancer Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. With the addition of the SuperSibs! Program, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is now able to provide critical resources to families and a comprehensive program of support for all siblings.

About LIVESTRONG and the award process

“LIVESTRONG is dedicated to providing the best direct services to people affected by cancer and encourages our supporters to be actively involved in leading the unified LIVESTRONG movement against cancer,” said Doug Ulman, president and CEO of LIVESTRONG. “The LIVESTRONG Community Impact Project is exercising an innovative approach that engages more people in our mission and allows them to play a critical role in the organization’s programming.”

One hundred seventy-nine qualified hospitals, cancer centers and community organizations in eight regions across the United States were selected to participate in an online voting campaign. Over a two-week period, more than 260,000 votes were cast and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was among the finalists. Certified child-life specialist supervisor Stephanie Rogerwick, MS, of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia will use the $26,000 award to implement the SuperSibs! program and resources for all families at the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment as well as to invite an artist from our community to partner with us to provide opportunities for creativity, self-expression, and emotional healing through artistic endeavors.

LIVESTRONG is committed to supporting community organizations in their efforts to help cancer survivors face the challenges and changes that come with cancer. Since its inception in 1997, the organization has invested more than $68 million in community-centered organizations.

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