City Council Briefing Jennifer Fassbender, former program director, Saba Khan, MD, medical director, both of CHOP’s Healthy Weight Program; Peter Grollman, vice president of Government Affairs, Community Relations and Advocacy; Jannie Blackwell, Philadelphia city councilwoman; Tyra Bryant-Stephens, MD, director of CHOP’s Community Asthma Prevention Program; and Stephen Leff, MD, and Joel Fein, MD, co-directors of CHOP’s Violence Prevention Initiative. In late April, CHOP’s Office of Government Affairs, Community Relations and Advocacy held a briefing for Philadelphia City Council members and staff to share information about a number of programs at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia that provide significant benefit to the communities in the Philadelphia area and southern New Jersey.

Programs highlighted included:

CHOP’s Violence Prevention Initiative is currently highlighted on The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) website.

Also recently, CHOP researcher, attending physician and fetal surgeon Alan Flake, MD, briefed City Council members and staff about his sickle cell disease research.