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Main Hospital The Congenital Hyperinsulinism (HI) Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is proud to announce that it has been designated as one of six HI Centers of Excellence (COE) by Congenital HI International (CHI). This honor recognizes centers that provide the highest level of multi-disciplinary care to HI patients and their families, and an on-going commitment to research and collaboration.

Congenital HI is a genetic disorder in which the insulin producing cells of the pancreas, called beta cells, secrete too much insulin. Excess insulin causes low plasma glucose (hypoglycemia) or low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia can be very dangerous, because glucose is the main energy source for the brain. If the brain doesn't get the glucose it needs, it can lead to seizures, brain damage, and possibly death.

“I am honored to continue our longstanding partnership with CHI and am grateful they have recognized us as a Center of Excellence,” said Diva De León-Crutchlow, MD, chief of the Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes and Director of the Congenital HI Center at CHOP. “It is an honor to be able to care for these patients and extremely rewarding to know that CHI, along with my multidisciplinary team at CHOP, are all working on treatment options to provide them with the best outcomes possible.”

It is the mission of CHI to advocate, educate and provide resources to children affected with HI. CHI also supports research and raises awareness of HI to prevent brain damage and death. Read more about this announcement here.


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