CHOP Team Returns From Haiti Earthquake Relief

Published on in CHOP News

February 12, 2010 — A 12-member medical team from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia returned on Feb. 11 after 10 days in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, treating victims of the Jan. 12 earthquake.

Global Health at CHOP deployed the medical team to Haiti Jan. 30 in response to an urgent call from the aid group Partners In Health for pediatric experts to care for children at the University Hospital in Port-au-Prince (HUEH). This was the first dedicated pediatric medical team providing care on the ground at this facility in Port-au-Prince.

The members include team leader Fred Henretig, MD; Rakesh Mistry, MD; David Chao, MD; Neil Uspal, MD; Brian Barnett, RN; Marcia Carter, RN; Warren Frankenberger, RN; Diane Gardella, RN; Wendy Hemme, RN; John Kimbrough, RN; Kathleen O'Conner, NP; Steve Larson, MD (HUP Emergency Medicine).

"We are very proud of this team and the work they accomplished helping victims in Haiti," said Global Health director Rodney Finalle, MD. "This Global Health effort was completed with the help of so many more people working tirelessly at CHOP for the team. I would like to thank everyone who offered generous support of the Global Health program."

After the earthquake struck Haiti, more than 400 Children's Hospital employees submitted applications for consideration as a volunteer through the Global Health Haiti Disaster Response program. In addition, Children's Hospital employees have worked for weeks to obtain critical equipment to send into Haiti and arrange for the team's transportation and communication.