Integrative Health Symposium and Expo 2018 Recap

Published on in CHOP News

Integrative Health team On April 8, our Integrative Health program hosted The Inaugural Integrative Health Symposium and Expo for Parents and Caregivers. Families learned about the therapies and services offered by our Integrative Health program, met with practitioners who provide these services, and learned which services may be helpful for their child’s and family’s well-being.

Today, many families are looking for a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Integrative healthcare enhances traditional medicine with complementary therapies — such as acupuncture, yoga, aromatherapy, massage and mindfulness — to address the whole person.

At Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), the Integrative Health program is focused on offering integrative therapies that are evidence-based. The services we provide are not chosen based on trends, but on science and our providers’ experience. And when evidence for a therapy is limited but promising, our team is developing the research needed to create even stronger proof that these therapies are effective.

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