Nutrition Tips: Top 3 Calories Boosters for People with Cystic Fibrosis

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There are many easy ways you can help your child with cystic fibrosis add healthy calories and healthy fats to their diets. Here are three of our favorites!

  1. Peanut butter: There are so many ways to eat peanut butter: in a sandwich, on toast, on crackers and — our favorite! — in oatmeal. Oatmeal is a fiber-rich food, and peanut butter will add flavor and creamy texture once melted. (1 tablespoon of peanut butter provides about 100 calories.)
  2. Olive oil: Have you ever gone to a restaurant that serves delicious breads like focaccia accompanied by olive oil that has been seasoned with parmesan cheese? It’s a delicious and easy way to get calories and enjoy a great combination of foods and bold flavors. Olive oil can also be used in cooking to add extra calories. (1 tablespoon of olive oil provides about 120 calories.)
  3. Sliced avocado Avocadoes: Avocadoes can be eaten on their own with seasonings (like salt!) or with many foods, like quesadillas and nachos. They can also be made into guacamole that you can serve with tortilla chips or put in sandwiches. Avocadoes provide unsaturated fat as well as important vitamins and minerals. (1/2 cup of avocado provides about 115 calories.)

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