Philadelphia Newspapers Capture a Day in the Life of CHOP

Published on in CHOP News

June 9, 2011 — Three writers from the Philadelphia Daily News visited CHOP for 24 hours on May 19 to gather information, photographs and video for a feature story called A Day in the Life of CHOP that was published today in a special section on innovation in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and on

Everywhere the writers and photographers went, they were accompanied by at least one member of our Public Relations team. They covered the hospital — from the top to bottom — and interviewed staff and families from many different areas.

Our employees were welcoming to the writers and there was a tremendous outpouring of ideas shared by many programs. The article broadly showcases many of the programs, people and facilities at CHOP and shines a bright light on why we are a national leader and a regional gem.

The series was accompanied by an online chat on today at noon on June 9, and included the writers who visited CHOP and some of the families who participated.


Stephanie Hogarth, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia,