Guest Blog Post Covers Dangers of Snakebites

Published on in CHOP News

Whether you’re hiking the trails of Pennsylvania, Delaware or New Jersey, or exploring the national parks, be on the lookout for a hidden danger — snakes. Snakebites can cause a range of symptoms, from pain and swelling to bruising and blistering, and sometimes bleeding and heart failure.

Kevin Osterhoudt, MD, Medical Director of the Poison Control Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, authored a guest blog post for the Healthy Kids blog about the dangers of snakebites and how you can protect yourself by following some commonsense advice.

In 2015, more than 31 snakebites were reported in eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware between January and mid-August. Snakebite season tends to be between April and October. Venomous snakes found in our region include the copperhead, the timber rattlesnake, and the eastern Massasauga rattlesnake.

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