The Power of Pumping: Video Trailer Now Available

Published on in CHOP News

February 2013 — CHOP's Lactation Program released a trailer of its new education video, The Power of Pumping.

 “Pumping — expressing milk for the baby — is the one thing that the mom has control over,” says Diane L. Spatz, PhD, RN-BC, FAAN, nurse researcher and director of the Lactation Program at CHOP. “Each day that you pump, you are making a new daily dose of vaccine for your baby. That’s powerful.”

Power of Pumping Image In the video, moms of patients in the Newborn/Infant Intensive Care Unit (N/IICU) relate why they made the decision to pump milk for their medically fragile children.

“Today, I’m so happy to say that Charlotte is an active and beautiful toddler," said Lindsay Groff, Charlotte's mom. "When you meet her you would never, ever know she was sick. Providing breast milk for Charlotte absolutely played a huge role in her healing.”

David A. Munson, MD, medical director of the N/IICU at CHOP, says mom’s milk is the safest milk to provide to sick babies in the N/IICU.

"Whatever proteins and antibodies and white cells and other things that exist in mother’s milk protects the babies from getting infections early in life,” Munson says. “Babies who are fed breast milk just do better.”

The full version of The Power of Pumping, an educational video, will be available for purchase soon. Watch the video trailer.