Philly Diabetes Team

Meet the teams who will care for diabetes patients each day of the week at Main Hospital.

Philly Monday Meerkats Monday Meerkats

Endocrinologist: Camille Michaud

Nurse Practitioners: Maureen Dever, Linda Ath

Diabetes Educators: Rachel Fowlie, Jennifer McCormick (T1Y1)

Social Worker: Stephanie Nickerson

Nutrition: Kara Feigenbaum

Psychologist: Julie Gettings

Fellows: Allie Dayno, Herodes Guzman, Dana Reynolds

Philly Tuesday Turtles Tuesday Turtles

Endocrinologist: Jacquelyn Hatch-Stein

Nurse Practitioners: Tara DeaMelissa Rearson

Diabetes Educators: Meredith Allen (T1Y1), Kathryn Clawges

Social Worker: Alison Huang

Nutrition: Kylie McHugh

Psychologist: Julie Gettings

Fellows: Lama Alzoebie, Bedour JafarJaisree Iyer, Sara Muneer

Philly Wednesday Wallabies Wednesday Wallabies

Endocrinologist: Steven Willi

Nurse Practitioners: Alexis MoloneyPantea Minnock

Diabetes Educators: Robert SquareskyBrigitte Hughes (T1Y1)

Social Worker: Liam Mulligan

Nutrition: Kelly Lord, Lauren Cherry

Psychologist: Julie Gettings

Fellows: Netanya Pollock

Philly Thursday Tigers Thursday Tigers

Endocrinologist: Brynn Marks

Nurse Practitioners: Tara Dea, Seema Meighan

Diabetes Educators: Robert Squaresky, Dayna Foster (T1Y1)

Social Worker: Alison Huang

Nutrition: Kristi Drabrouski, Megan Robinson

Psychologist: Julie Gettings

Fellows: Patricia Chu, Yesenia Sanchez-KleinbergSonia Gera, Michael Munoz


A Team Approach

At the Diabetes Center for Children, we use a coordinated team approach to help your family achieve better control of diabetes. Each of our specialists helps your family navigate the different types of challenges you may face. Learn more about team member roles.

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Tools to Manage Diabetes

These resources will help your child and family manage blood sugar testing, highs and lows, insulin, nutrition, and more.

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Life With Diabetes

Review our information about support and coping, school, teen topics, and general well-being.