Units for High School and College Students

These educational resources introduce high school and college students to concepts related to the immune system, the types of agents that cause infectious diseases, and vaccine history and science. Lessons employ the 5Es pedagogic model of teaching (engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration and evaluation) and are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Educators are encouraged to utilize this flexible curriculum in whole or part to support learning objectives. Content can be used in a variety of settings including classrooms, STEM enrichment programs, homeschool sessions, museums, science centers and science camps or clubs.

Unit 1: The Human Immune System

This unit explores how the immune system functions.

Unit 1 Overview (PDF)

Unit 1 Pre-activities for Students (PDF)


Lesson 1: Organs and Tissues of the Immune System

Lesson 2: The Innate Immune System

Lesson 3: The Adaptive Immune System

Unit 2: Disease and Vaccines

Unit 2 describes how disease and infection overcome our immune system and how vaccines are made.

Unit 2 Overview (PDF)

Unit 2 Pre-activities for Students (PDF)


Lesson 1: Development of Disease and Infection

Lesson 2: Case Studies: Influenza and HIV

Lesson 3: Discovery and Development of Vaccines

Lesson 4: Vaccine History and Research

Lesson 5: Vaccine Safety