Spiritual Care in the CFDT and SDU

Our chaplain is available to help support your spiritual beliefs and needs. Having a high risk pregnancy often triggers spiritual questions, doubts, and challenges. You may find that your faith becomes even more meaningful to you, and appreciate being able to pray with the chaplain, receive communion, or visit with a priest, imam or rabbi. The chaplain is available to meet with you during your outpatient visits, or while you are in the Hospital's Special Delivery Unit after the birth of your baby.

Our chaplain often baptizes babies in the delivery room, or soon afterwards, when grandparents and other family members can be present. At times of loss, bereavement support is always available. Our chaplain will often write a special “Going Home” prayer to help families through the wrenching moments of saying a final goodbye.

Our chaplain offers a compassionate and nonjudgmental presence and a willingness to listen to whatever doubts, fears or questions you might have with the goal of helping you feel as supported in your own faith tradition as possible.

For additional support, an on-call chaplain is available 24/7, whom your nurse can page at any time. Learn more about spiritual care available at CHOP.

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