Minimally Invasive Pediatric Surgery

The pediatric surgeons at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are experienced in the full range of minimally invasive procedures appropriate for children. In addition to providing laparoscopic, thoracoscopic and endoscopic procedures for children, our surgeons are developing new and innovative minimally invasive procedures specifically designed for the unique surgical problems children face.

Small Wonder: Minimally Invasive Surgery Video

Why Choose Us?

CHOP has a long history of providing world-class surgical care for children. Learn more about the expertise of our pediatric general surgeons and why they are qualified to perform your child’s surgery.

Surgery Patient with Childlife Specialist

Why Choose Us for Your Child's Surgery

CHOP’s pediatric general surgeons are experts in the surgical and postoperative care of premature babies, neonates, children and adolescents.

Surgery Prep Family in Prep Room with Doctor

Your Child's Preoperative Visit

Find tips to prepare for your preoperative visit if your child is having surgery with one of our pediatric general surgeons.