Getting Through Sick Season: Advice from Pediatricians

Pediatric Milestones

School Age Child

This series of short videos shares advice from CHOP pediatricians about common childhood illnesses and how to manage them at home. Topics include coughs, safe and healthy holidays, measuring breathing rate, checking temperature, flu, stomach bugs, colds, fever and more.

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Sick child having temperature taken

Navigating Sick Season

Frequent illness is a normal part of childhood. Focus on what you can control and use these tips to help navigate the inevitable illnesses that circulate every year.

Primary Care visit - young girl with doctor

Right Care, Right Place

The following information can help you determine the best place to seek care when your child is sick or injured.

Father and daughter doing video checkup on tablet

Symptom Checker

CHOP's online symptom checker can help you make informed decisions about what level of medical care your child may need, if any, and steps you can take to relieve symptoms at home. If your child has medical risk factors such as a weakened immune system or surgery in last 7 days, please contact their specialist.