Lymphatic Embolization Video

During a lymphatic embolization, several different types of embolization agents may be used. These agents — including tiny metal coils or a special glue — are injected through a catheter to stop lymphatic leaks and seal abnormal lymphatic vessels.


Lymphatic Embolization Video

Narrator: In this video, we are using x-ray to view a lymphatic gluing procedure. Here, an endoscope, a long flexible tube with the camera on the end, is used to view the wall of the duodenum. We also see a needle placed inside the lymphatic channel that surrounds the duodenum wall. Special glue is injected through this needle.

Here, the glue is seen leaking through holes in the duodenum wall and collecting inside. This special glue will stop the lymphatic leaks and seal the abnormal lymphatic vessels.

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