Take It Seriously: Get Care Quickly for Concussion

CHOP concussion experts encourage families to seek medical attention for any type of head injury and follow doctors’ advice before resuming typical activities.


Take It Seriously: Get Care Quickly for Concussion

Christina L. Master, MD, FAAP, CAQSM, FACSM: A lot of us grew up thinking that when you have a concussion, it's no big deal. That you'll be better in a few days and there's nothing to really worry about. There's probably up to a third of kids where they can have really debilitating issues with headache, dizziness, balance issues, sleep issues, emotional issues that can last for weeks and sometimes even months.

Kristy B. Arbogast, PhD: The sooner you get to medical attention, the better your outcomes are. We have the largest concussion patient volume in the country, and that really enhances our ability to understand this issue very fundamentally.

Christina L. Master, MD, FAAP, CAQSM, FACSM: Kids can take up to four weeks or longer to recover from a concussion and 30% of them can take longer. If we take an active approach to recovery, they seem to do much better.

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