Autism Integrated Care Program Clinical Studies

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Pathways to ASD Diagnosis

The purpose of the study is to learn more about the experience of caregivers who have a child diagnosed with autism. We also want to better understand what is working well in healthcare in the US. This study is open to primary caregivers of a child (aged 3-17) who has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in the last year. Participants must have immigrated to the US and identify as Hispanic or Latinx. Study staff will interview participants about their experiences as a caregiver of an autistic child. This one-time interview will last 60-90 minutes in Spanish or English.

Approach Avoidance Model of Repetitive Behaviors

The goal of this research study is to learn about experiences with repetitive behaviors from autistic teens and their families. In order to learn about your experiences with repetitive behaviors, you will be invited to complete a set of online questionnaires about your (or your teen's) experiences. The goal of this study is to promote advocacy and transparency for autistic teens' lived experiences. A small subset of teens may also be asked to complete a brain MRI and additional behavioral assessments, if they are interested. Participating in the MRI and further behavioral assessments is voluntary and is not required to complete the online surveys.

Drive Focus Study

We are asking teens with autism between the ages of 16-21 who have expressed interest in learning how to drive or have received their learner’s permit in the past 3 months, and their parent/primary caregiver to participate in an interview study. The purpose of this study is to inform the development of driver training technology for autistic individuals who are interested in learning to drive. Participants will be asked to complete one or two interviews where they are shown images of the app and/or asked to test it out on a study-provided tablet. Interviews will take approximately 60 minutes. Participants will receive compensation for participation.