Autism Integrated Care Program Patient Stories

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Autism Spectrum Disorder: Snai’s Story

After being diagnosed with autism, Snai began receiving various therapies. But his family’s emphasis on emotional intelligence has truly helped him thrive.

Autism: Anthony's Story

Anthony posing with a football

Diagnosed with autism as a toddler, 19-year-old Anthony is learning the skills he needs to work and live independently.

Autism and Seizures: Massimo's Story

Massimo throwing a football

Massimo's participation in autism research at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia led to his early diagnosis of an unrelated seizure disorder.

Autism: Franco's Story

Franco with Eagles TE Brent Celek

Diagnosed with autism at age 2, Franco has come a long way thanks to therapy at CHOP. Next up for his family? Tacking the Eagles Autism Challenge in May.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Braylen’s Story


Braylen Clayton was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age 2. Today, he is a 7-year-old who loves reading and playing with friends, thanks to intensive teamwork between his parents and experts at CHOP's Center for Childhood Communication and Autism Integrated Care program.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Brock's Story

Brock Ott was 2 years old when his parents began to notice differences between him and other kids his age. Their research pointed to autism, but his local pediatrician and a neurologist both dismissed the idea.