Center for Bone Health

The Center for Bone Health at CHOP provides the most comprehensive bone health care to children and young adults in our region. We care for patients with or at risk of developing fragile bones due to a chronic health condition, limited mobility, a restricted diet, chronic steroid use, genetic conditions, or disorders in bone mineral metabolism. Patients are evaluated by a multidisciplinary team, including a bone health physician, registered dietician and a physical therapist. Our team recognizes that all patients are unique, and we work closely with specialists across CHOP to ensure that each patient receives the necessary orthopedic, genetic and other clinical care specific to their individual needs.

We offer on-site pediatric and young adult bone densitometry (DXA) and expert interpretation of the findings and have developed a clinical pathway to assist clinicians ordering a DXA scan.

Research is a critical component the Center for Bone Health. Our physicians lead a wide variety of studies ranging from laboratory projects investigating the mechanisms of bone and mineral metabolism to clinical trials of new treatments for rare bone diseases. 

Why Choose Us?

The Center for Bone Health at CHOP has provided comprehensive, multidisciplinary care to thousands of children and young adults with and at risk of fragile bones and disordered bone and mineral metabolism since 2008.

Conditions We Treat

Genetic conditions affecting bone density, bone strength or growth

Rickets and other conditions affecting calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D

Skeletal dysplasias

Medical conditions affecting bone health

Our Team

The Center for Bone Health takes a multidisciplinary approach to caring for children, incorporating the expertise of nutritionists and physical therapists in each visit with an endocrinologist. Our team is also supported by a dedicated nurse, a nurse practitioner and an administrative coordinator. Families also have access to a social worker, if needed. For questions, please send a MyCHOP message to your child’s bone health provider, email us at or call our office at 215-590-3174.

Next Steps