Center for Celiac Disease Patient Stories

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Gluten Sensitivity: Logan’s Story


As one of the youngest members of the World Championship Lego® robotics team, 9-year-old Logan doesn’t let gluten sensitivity hold him back.

Celiac Disease: Justyna's Story

Girl Portrait

With help from the Center for Celiac Disease, 8-year-old Justyna can maintain a busy schedule including acting, modeling and school.

Celiac Disease: Mikayla’s Story


Mikayla, 16, is a competitive gymnast and coaches younger children. Diagnosed with celiac disease in eighth grade, she has adapted to her new diet.

Celiac Disease: Shane's Story

Shane waterskiing

Shane, 9, and his family have adapted to a gluten-free lifestyle after his diagnosis of celiac disease at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Celiac Disease: Jared's Story

Jared holding his hockey trophy

Jared has been gluten-free for 9 years. He credits the Center for Celiac Disease for their education and support in helping him manage his celiac disease.

Celiac Disease: Molly's Story


Molly’s family has adapted to a gluten-free diet after she was diagnosed with celiac disease at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Celiac Disease: Jack's Story

After diagnosing him with celiac disease, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has helped Jack, 12, and his family transition to gluten-free eating.