Center for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient Stories

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Crohn’s Disease: Emily’s Story

Emily IBD patient outside smiling at boathouse row

Emily is an energetic teenager. She’s able to better enjoy her passions like acting thanks to treatment for her Crohn’s at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Crohn’s Disease: Sydney’s Story

Sydney smiling

Sydney is an energetic and well-rounded 10-year-old. Thanks to nutrition therapy at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, her Crohn’s disease is under control. 

Crohn’s Disease: David’s Story

Jeffrey and Nancy Fine

David came to CHOP as a teen to manage his Crohn’s. His parents now co-chair the Family Research Council, which supports research at the IBD Center.

Crohn’s Disease: Matthew’s Story

Matthew crohns disease patient smiling in playroom

Matthew’s problem was a mystery until he came to Children’s Hospital. After a diagnosis of Crohn’s, nutrition treatment has Matthew, 3, eating normally and thriving.

Crohn’s Disease: Carter’s Story

Carter smiling

Carter was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 5. With nutrition treatment, he’s growing again and back to playing his favorite game: basketball. 

Crohn’s Disease: Lucy’s Story

Lucy holding a lacrosse stick

Lucy plays lacrosse, loves to bake, and shocks people with her theatrical makeup skills. She’s back to enjoying life after being very sick with Crohn’s disease.