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Volunteer Spotlight: Dianne Motil

Published on in CHOP News

Dianne Motil in a yellow sweater

Dianne Motil started her CHOP career four years ago as a registered nurse in Primary Care, and throughout the years has transferred and now works in the PICU/Onco Unit at Middleman Family Pavilion in King of Prussia.

Volunteer Spotlight: Rachel Walega

Published on in CHOP News

Rachel Walega

Eighteen months ago, the Office of Endocrinology and Diabetes welcomed Rachel Walega to their team as a Clinical Research Project Manager. There, Rachel works on projects in Cystic Fibrosis related diabetes, Down syndrome and bone fragility.

Volunteer Spotlight: David Isaacs

Published on in CHOP News

David Isaacs

CHOP Clinical Research Coordinator, David Isaacs, gives back to the community by participating in CHOP's Covid-19 Vaccine Program, helping to immunize more than 19,000 personnel at schools and early childhood education/daycare centers across Philadelphia.