Concussion Information for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professional and Patient Image Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is building a broad portfolio of research to advance understanding of child and youth concussion in the field, and to fill in gaps in knowledge that hinder development of better prevention and treatment strategies.

Specifically, we focus on rigorously describing concussion across the pediatric age range and clinic settings, providing data methods to develop engineering and behavioral prevention strategies, improving diagnostic tools and how we manage recovery. With this information the field can advance targeted interventions to prevent concussion and optimize treatment to accelerate recovery.

Concussion resources for professionals

Our team has developed a variety of educational resources to support our goals of improving prevention, diagnosis and treatment of concussion in kids. Share these resources to help educate patient families, coaches, schools and fellow practitioners.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also provides concussion resources and training tools for healthcare providers. Visit the CDC's HEADS UP to Healthcare Providers for additional resources.

Exam demonstration video

In this video, Christina Master, MD, demonstrates how to perform a concussion evaluation in a child or teen, including a physical exam, taking a history and gathering information about the incident. Watch the video »

Recent research and publications

Physicians and researchers from the Minds Matter Concussion Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are regular contributors to clinical publications. Review some recent and notable publications

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