Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (GI) Patient Stories

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Celiac Disease: Emma’s Story

Emma proudly shows Pediatric Gastroenterologist Arunjot Singh, MD, MPH, the proclamation she received from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, recognizing her for her awareness and advocacy for youth with celiac disease and the importance of proper

Diagnosed with celiac disease in first grade, Emma, now 9, rallies for changes in food labeling to better protect kids like her.

Gastroparesis: Catherine’s Story


After years of mysterious GI symptoms, Catherine now has a diagnosis, successful treatment and has started a burgeoning new career as a chef.

Pancreatitis: Alexis' Story


Diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, Alexis, now 17, found treatment and renewed hope at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Liver Transplant: Josie’s Story

Josie holding her pet chicken

As a baby, Josie received a liver transplant. This began a 10-year journey that included bonding with her donor’s family and a generous gift to help future transplant patients.