Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (GI) Patient Stories

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Gastroparesis: Madison’s Story

Madison (right) with Sophia

CHOP’s doctors listened carefully, and a gastroparesis patient who was once sidelined by pain and anxiety is now running long-distance races.

Celiac Disease: Justyna's Story

Girl Portrait

With help from the Center for Celiac Disease, 8-year-old Justyna can maintain a busy schedule including acting, modeling and school.

Encopresis: Brayden's Story

Braden Canoeing

Brayden struggled with severe constipation and encopresis for years before he got treatment to manage his condition at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Gastroparesis: Akil's Story

Akil smiling

After severe GI symptoms hospitalized 13-year-old Akil, motility experts at CHOP diagnosed him and developed an individualized treatment plan.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Garrett

Garrett smiling

After his IBD diagnosis, Garrett couldn’t be far from a bathroom after eating. Now, he eats nonstop — his favorite food is chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream.

Crohn's Disease: Lacey's Story

Lacey smiling

Severe stomach pain brought Lacey to CHOP, where a doctor recognized her symptoms as IBD. She’s now a strong advocate for the need for more research.

Crohn's Disease: Eddie's Story


After a long journey to find an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) treatment that worked long term, Eddie is able to focus on practicing his basketball technique.

Crohn’s Disease: Brandon's Story

Brandon has big dreams to be an actor or a scientist. His parents are overjoyed to see their son happy and engaged after struggling with Crohn’s disease.

Crohn’s Disease: Kyle

Kyle’s Crohn’s disease used to keep him sidelined from his favorite passion — soccer. Treatment at CHOP and a new medication has him back in action.