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Referring to CHOP for Pediatric General Surgery

If you have a patient who needs surgery, or you'd like a consultation with a pediatric surgeon, our team will partner with you to provide coordinated care for your patient. We'll work with you to ensure your patient has a convenient and comfortable experience.

We are dedicated to keeping the lines of communication open between our team and the physicians we partner with to provide seamless transitions and coordinated care for all patients who undergo surgery at Children’s Hospital.

Please call 215-590-2730 to refer your patient or for a consultation. Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. After hours, your calls are referred to the attending pediatric surgeon on call.

Your patients can choose to see a pediatric surgeon at the office most convenient to them — at one of our care network locations in PA or NJ, or at the Children's Hospital Main Campus in Philadelphia.

During your patient's preoperative appointment, one of our attending pediatric surgeons and a surgical advanced practice nurse will see the child. Depending upon the urgency of the problem, you'll receive a telephone call or a letter will be distributed on the day of your patient’s preoperative appointment.

If your patient needs surgery, we'll schedule a surgery date and a pre-admission consultation with our pediatric anesthesiology team — all without an additional appointment. On the day of surgery, the attending pediatric surgeon will let you know the operative findings and subsequent plans. You will also receive a letter when your patient is seen in follow-up after discharge.

Resources for your patients

We are committed to preparing and supporting both the child and family so that everyone involved can cope better with surgery. Our surgical advanced practice nurses will provide age-appropriate preparation for the particular procedure, and families will also receive written educational materials.

We recommend sharing our Guide to Your Child’s Surgery with your patient’s family for more information about what to expect when having surgery at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


The training program for The Louise Schnaufer Endowed Fellowship in Pediatric Surgery is two years in duration beginning July 1 each year. The educational program in pediatric surgery includes both operating room and bedside clinical teaching.

Learn more about the fellowship program and how to apply »

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Why Choose Us for Your Child's Surgery

CHOP’s pediatric general surgeons are experts in the surgical and postoperative care of premature babies, neonates, children and adolescents.

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Preparing for Your Child's Surgery

Find tips to prepare for your preoperative visit with CHOP’s pediatric general surgeons, and resources to help prepare your child for surgery.