Division of Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Patient Stories

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Chronic Lung Disease: Leila’s Story

Leila smiling

Born at 26 weeks, Leila’s lungs failed to develop. Specialty care during her CHOP stay and after helped her breathe on her own and her family cope.

Severe Asthma: Onni’s Story

With her severe asthma under control — with help from CHOP’s PAPA Clinic — Onni is in school, out of the hospital and “a whole new kid.”

Lung Transplant: Leah’s Story


Born with a rare lung disorder, Leah is one of the youngest patients to go from a heart-lung bypass machine to successful lung transplant.

Lung Transplant: Jacob’s Story

Jacob posing and flexing his muscle

Despite Jacob’s weakened condition, CHOP successfully performed a lung transplant that other programs thought he wouldn’t survive.

Hypogammaglobulinemia: Dylan’s Story

Dylan and his family

Looking for bright spot during COVID-19? Look no further than 7-year-old Dylan, an active 2nd grader who’s had his first infection-free year in his entire life.