Electrophysiology and Heart Rhythm Program Patient Stories

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Long QT Syndrome: Samad’s Story

Samad smiling

After Samad was diagnosed with a rare genetic heart disorder, his family underwent genetic testing and discovered they too had the disorder.

Arrhythmias: Disha's Story


Born with a serious heart condition, Disha has grown up under the care of CHOP's Cardiac Center and now has a family of her own.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Maeve's Story

Maeve in her graduation gown

Maeve was at softball practice when her heart stopped. Thanks to immediate care and world-class treatment at CHOP, the teen is back on the ballfield and doing great.

Giant Cell Myocarditis: Jackson’s Story

Jackson smiling

Two years ago, Jackson was on life support after being diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening heart disorder. Now 15, he’s an active teen looking forward to the future.

Heart Arrhythmia: Joseph's Story


When Joseph Duran was 4 years old he was diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia. He's now routinely monitored by team members at CHOP's Electrophysiology and Heart Rhythm Program — and is thriving thanks to their care.

Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricle Dysplasia: Brett’s Story


At age 13, Brett was diagnosed with arrhythmogenic right ventricle dysplasia (ARVD). With the help of an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and the support of his team at CHOP, Brett was able to return to the activities he loved.