Head and Neck Disorders Program

The Head and Neck Disorders Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia offers surgical care for children with tumors and congenital anomalies found in the head or neck. Lesions located in a child’s head or neck region may be near the airway, skull base, the eyes and many other delicate or vital structures. Management of these lesions requires specialized surgical approaches. Our world-renowned pediatric ENT surgeons have the skills and experience required to deliver this level of care.

Oral Teratoma and Cleft Palate: Stella’s Story

Conditions We Treat

There are hundreds of varieties of lesions and tumors that can be found in a child’s head or neck, many of them incredibly rare. At Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, we operate on such a large volume of these rare disorders that to our surgeons they are commonplace. Here are some head and neck masses we treat:

Our Team

Our pediatric ENT surgeons are among the best in the world. Meet the team that will care for your child.