Limb Deformity Program

The care of children with limb length differences and limb deformities is complex. As a child grows and changes, the deformity can worsen — exaggerating the difference in length or an abnormal bend or rotation of the arm or leg. The members of the Limb Deformity Program team at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia understand these complexities. They provide expert assessment of your child's congenital or acquired deformity of the arm, hand, hip, leg or foot; predict changes as your child grows; and offer surgical treatment options.

Leg Deformity: Matthew's Story

Our Team

The Limb Deformity team includes highly skilled orthopaedic, general and plastic surgeons who work closely with physicians from oncology, neurology, radiology and pathology. In addition, skilled nurses, prosthetists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and social workers are available on site to provide comprehensive support for your child and your family.

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