Liver Transplant Program

The Liver Transplant Program provides your child with the best possible care as he prepares for, undergoes and recovers from a liver transplant. The program is led by liver transplant surgeons dedicated exclusively to transplantation and liver surgery for children. 

Alagille Syndrome and Liver Transplant: Rory’s Story

Why Choose Us?

CHOP has one of the largest pediatric liver transplant centers in the country. Our surgeons perform anywhere from 10 to 24 liver transplants each year. To date, the program has performed nearly 350 liver transplants, and our survival rates consistently exceed national averages.

Liver Transplant: A Guide for Patients and Families

Download this guide to learn about important topics including the transplant evaluation process, waiting for a transplant, transplant surgery, post-transplant care, and life after transplant.

Transplant Patients and COVID-19

Information about COVID-19 vaccine responses in transplantation is rapidly evolving. Because vaccines are critical to containing further spread of the pandemic, there has been interest in optimizing vaccine responses in vulnerable populations, including solid organ transplant recipients.

Please refer to these resources from the CDC for patients who are immunocompromised:

Traveling to Philadelphia

If you are anxious about traveling to Philadelphia, we're here to support you. View our resources for patients and families to learn more information about preparing for your appointment, a guide to procedures, overnight and extended hospital stays, where to stay, billing and insurance, and a video about what to expect

Our Team

There are many healthcare professionals involved in the transplant process and your family will get to know them all. Our team is here to answer your questions and help you make decisions regarding your child's healthcare.