The Gift of Hope: Donating to Mitochondrial Medicine

The Mitochondrial Medicine Program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is a world leader in care for patients of all ages and in groundbreaking research to unravel the mysteries of these baffling conditions.

Your gift brings us closer to new gene discoveries, new diagnostic testing methods and new therapies that will change the course of mitochondrial disease – and change countless lives.

Here are some areas to which you can direct your donation:

Falk Laboratory Research Fund – Named for the program’s Executive Director, Marni Falk, MD, this fund supports essential laboratory research, including personnel, equipment and supplies.

Mito Hope for Families Fund – Gifts to this fund directly support the needs of families in our program, providing assistance with travel, lodging and other expenses that might limit a family’s ability to seek care at CHOP.

We also offer several disease-specific funds for donors who have a particular interest in a given form of mitochondrial disease. Gifts to these funds support translational research – bringing new discoveries rapidly from bench to bedside.

  • Mitochondrial Complex I Disease (NUBPL) Research Fund
  • Mitochondrial Complex IV Disease (SURF1) Research Fund
  • Mitochondrial Depletion Disease (FBXL4) Research Fund
  • Mitochondrial Dynamics Disease (OPA1) Research Fund
  • Mitochondrial Translation Disease (C12ORF65) Research Fund
  • Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Disease (DLD) Research Fund

You can directly support Mitochondrial Medicine at CHOP now.

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Mitochondrial Medicine has the nation’s top pediatric specialists and researchers advancing understanding of mitochondrial disease.

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Learn more about scheduling an appointment and what to expect during your first visit with Mitochondrial Medicine.

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